That little smile on his face said it all, he was very aware of the effect he had on people 

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Please vote for my mum!


I will give solo promotions to everyone who votes for my mum’s painting in an art competition.

This is her painting:


All you have to do is go onto this link: 

and my mum’s painting is at the bottom of Page 5. You need to be logged on to facebook for your vote to count. 

Please, please vote! It would mean so much to my mum if she could win. She’ll win £500 in art supplies, and she absolutely loves art so much. 

 If you have voted, just message me and I’ll give you your solo promotion! 

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Check out this fantastic blog;

If you want a solo promotion like this, have a look here. 

Follow this amazing blog, it’s perfect;

If you want a solo promotion like this, have a look here. 

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A younger Louis, a couple of years before X Factor, topless on holiday. 

oh-my-niam asked:
i voted for your mums painting :) i think its so sweet that you posted that to help her awh

Ahh, thank you! :’)

She doesn’t have a facebook account and she was really worried no-one would vote for her because none of her friends have an account. She got all upset, so I’m trying my best to get her loads of votes so the next time she checks she’ll be all surprised and super happy!

I shall promote you too! 

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arcticcliffords asked:
I voted for your mum! I hope she wins :-)

Thank you so, so much! It really means a lot. I’ll give you a promotion in a minute :)

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Anonymous asked:
hello! *hugs you* would you send this to the first ten people on your dash to keep it going? make someone's day with a hug :)

Hello! For some reason, I’m only just getting this message :’) 

Okay, I will. Thank you!

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